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Macaruchi (Associate) 8/10/2006 4:39 AM EST : Old School Guild Charter
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Old School is a guild of older, mature players that may have limited playing time due to life outside of World of Warcraft. Its purpose is to allow members to connect in game to have as much fun as possible with what time we have to play.

Each guild member's actions reflect on the guild as a whole. It is our hope that we will have one of the best reputations on the server. In order to do that, guild members must follow these simple rules and guidelines:

Code of Conduct

  1. Old School members will treat all players on the server with respect and show good sportsmanship. The following actions will not be tolerated by the guild: Ninja looting, kill stealing, training mobs on to others, /spitting on enemies, and grieving the opposition.
  2. Old School members will not use foul language or verbally assault another player. In addition, racist, sexist, and bigoted behavior will result in immediate removal from the guild.
  3. Old School members will strive for a drama-free gaming experience. Disputes between guild members will not be aired in the public/guild channel. Involved members should seek out an officer to help settle disputes. Members disruptive to the enjoyment of the guild will be removed.

Currently we have a large amount of players from all parts of the United States, even some from overseas.This is a joy to have different aspects of life and personal stories that can be shared.

As of right now most, if not all, of our players have level 80 toons in the guild.  This may not be the guild for you if you're new and are looking for direct help on the road to 80, but some players do offer their help when available.  Once you become a member there is no limit as of now for the number of Alts you can have on the guild roster. 

We like to consider ourselves a casual guild, and for that reason Old School does not have any requirements for leveling, raid or event attendance.  We're here to play the game for many reasons, and by no means will that be disrespected nor frowned upon by anyone within the guild.

Our ranking system is as follows:

Initiate -Trail period for those newly invited into the guild to see where Old School and you fit into playing the game and everything else.

Member - You are a good asset to the guild and fit the ideas of which Old School has for being a guild. Members are voted on by Officers.

Council - Long-standing members who don't want to be an officer presently, but who are open to helping the officers with information and special projects from time to time.

Officer - These players are here merely to facilitate growth and keep guild stability.They take the thoughts of others within the guild and lay down guidelines and ways of handling operations within the guild to keep the ideas of Old School realistic and capable of being achieved. 

Old school is a guild of its members not its leaders. We like to say "our" guild, not "my" guild.

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